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The VC 2.0 L Plus is a VOC-free liquid cleaning kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems

and absorbing unpleasant odors produced by grease residues. All fat-like odoriphores

can be broken down or cleaved by the enzyme used in the cleaning liquid. Sulfur-based

odoriphores cannot be enzymatically degraded. Instead, they are enclosed by an odor

absorber added for that purpose. VC 2.0 L PLUS is therefore instrumental in adhering to the VDI (The Association of German Engineers) guideline #6022. During and after cleaning, the individual components are protected against corrosion by the inhibitors added to the VC 2.0 L PLUS cleaning medium.

  • VOC-free

  • Effective odor absorber

  • Continually removes fats and oils

  • Protects components against corrosion

Seal of approval

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